Jack Lauray’s loft

The Loft Lauray’s Jack, the space, the light, quiet luxury and sensual delight…

An open space of 40 m2 as a workshop whether steel, IPN, plate glass windows, metal door, get broken with the rough wood of the boards of coffering.
The most rigorous choice of materials: the light gray polished concrete floor answers in echo sub-meanly in slate of Belgium. The big boards which recover walls hide a skeleton wood or various thicknesses of wood fiber form a healthy and optimum insulation behind stone walls of 40cm.
You will feel perfectly good in a relaxing atmosphere.
The floor is also well-kept and counts several insulations and paving stones as well as a polished concrete over a heating floor.
The old thorough wall found a new youth in a filler in the lime. Its noble character confers on the room its natural class of the old buildings.
The Loft Jack Lauray’s is equipped with a soft kitchen as the velvet just like its linen curtains 6 meters in length serpentine.
A wooden terrace of 7 meters of bamboo separates the building of the raised garden.
The breakfast becomes a perfect moment of relaxation.


  • 40 m2 in an open space
  • Skeleton wood and insulation in wood fiber
  • Plate glass window of 4 m
  • Polished concrete floor with heating included.
  • Steel, slate and wood on all the walls.
  • Wall of the brick-built shower Wienerberger
  • Very well-kept lights
  • Switches MELJAC
  • Dark shiny Duravit sink, camel fridge SMEG.
  • Queen size bed of organic latex
  • Fully-equipped kitchen.
  • TV of 126cm
  • Unlimited WIFI
  • Terrace of 20 m2